Carmarthenshire Wedding Photographer

Hi, I'm Tom and I'm a Carmarthenshire Wedding Photographer specialising in relaxed and heartfelt weddings

As a Carmarthenshire native I have a deep connection to the area nothing makes me happier than when a couple chooses our beautiful (and underrated!) part of our country for their wedding.

Having lived, worked, hiked and explored Carmarthenshire its safe to say I know a thing or two about the area.

Helping couples plan their unique day and seeing it all come together is something I'm passionate about. I'm always on hand to give venue suggestions or help with finding the ideal spot for your engagement shoot.

I have a relaxed approach to your wedding day and firmly believe that your experience and enjoyment of it comes first.

Behind the scenes of wedding photographer photographing group outside red building
Bride and groom holding hands showing their rings
Confetti canon being fired in the air outside a red hotel
Bride with long vail looking back at groom on top of cliff
Bride and groom holding hands in front of Carmarthenshire mountains with golden light
Bride and groom laughing about an inside joke
Groom helps bride walk down muddy path with castle in the background.
Engaged couple share a joke in front of Welsh castle
Groom twirls bride.
Romantic black and white image of bride and groom dancing on a band stand.
Newlyweds walking through a Carmarthenshire street.
Bride and groom running across a beach.
Bride leads groom into the reception party at a Carmarthenshire barn venue.
Close up image of a bride and groom embracing. Late evening light gives it a soft and romantic feel.
Stunning photograph of bride and groom with rainbow behind them.
Newlyweds walk up to Paxton's tower in Carmarthenshire.


The best bits from a website or Instagram page will often be the things that might catch your eye but there are lot's of other things to consider when investing in a photographer. Firstly, do your connect with their style and approach to photography across a whole day? A good way to know this is to ask for a sample gallery or find a blog post that gives a range of work from prep through to the dance floor action.

Arguably the most important aspect is the relationship you have with them as your photographer will be one of the people you spend most time around on your day so having someone you can trust and are comfortable around is huge. The only way you can really find this if you've spoken to them. I find a call or meet up is a great way to know if I'm a good fit for a client.

Bride and groom running across the beach, bride is barefoot.

“He made us feel so relaxed (as two people very awkward in front of the camera), and the photos came out amazing!”


  • Love having your photo taken? Don't neither. However what I've learnt from photographing endless couples who start off feeling exactly the same is that a relaxed approach works best. Meaning keeping things fun and informal often produces the best results with no need for stuffy overly posed portraits.
  • With my background in landscape photography I know the best scenic spots across Wales and in particular Carmarthenshire and have a whole host of hidden gems to suggest for wedding or engagement photographs.
  • I believe YOUR enjoyment is everything and put this first. I never take couples away from their day for hours on end or over manage timelines. Its your special day and I know how to get photos quickly and authentically so that you're not spending too much time away from your friends/family..or the bar.
  • I speak fluent Welsh and offer my service in either language or bilingually.
  • I'm discrete but confident and social enough to give the guidance needed to make beautiful photographs on a wedding day. This might mean making the tweaks needed to get the best lighting and using prompts to get natural and reactions.

Caryl & Josh, Carmarthen Fans, Brecon Beacons


Engagement Shoot Locations in Carmarthenshire

I love engagement shoots and find them great for building a connection with clients and helping them become comfortable in front of camera. I find taking a walk in a scenic location new or familiar having a bit of a chat (you can even bring your dog) whilst I give some prompts works really well. The distraction of the outdoors and getting to know each other

I've made a guide of the best locations for engagement shoots in south Wales! You can take a look at this here. The good news that there is a host of these in Carmarthenshire including Llansteffan, Pembrey and Llyn Llech Owain (photographed below).

Couple holding hands walking in the sunset in front of backdrop of fields

Rhian & Dan, Llyn Llech Owain, Carmarthenshire


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