We are blessed in Wales with a rugged coastline, mountains and waterfalls all packed in to a relatively small landmass. With so much to photograph, it is easy to see why so many photographers are based here. It makes sense that we use this stunning backdrop for out images. From the Brecon Beacons, Snowdonia to the Welsh Coastal Path, an adventure is never far.

Natural & unforced.

My philosophy towards photographing people be it in weddings or otherwise is that it is best when natural and unforced. For this to happen people have to feel comfortable. One thing I love about weddings is that all the excitement and emotion are already present, it's not something that has to be created, just captured. This isn't always the case with other types of couple shoots. Scene and location influence my photography and will always play a part in me being able to tell the overall story. I have found that in this environment people can be at ease which allows for the most natural photos possible and adding a little bit of adventure makes it that much more unique. The best thing? Wales is perfect for this approach.


Epic engagement photos in the outdoors

I like my couples to think of an engagement shoot as just taking a walk. It's a great time for us to get to know each other before the big day and what to expect from the photography side of things and the way that I shoot. Obviously, I'll be there with my camera with the aim of capturing these natural moments for you and I may give you some prompts and we can chat about your plans however at the end of the day..it's just a walk. With the right planning, the he elements usually spring up something interesting, be it amazing light, mist or even torrential rain.

// KATH + STU // GOWER //

Before photographing weddings, landscape photography was my passion and I managed to get pretty good at it. I have found that the two can blend together brilliantly and I love bringing it in to what I can offer my couples. I offer two types of engagement shoots (both in the outdoors) depending on how adventurous you want to get. Both can be tailored and I love discussing ideas with couples.


Connection Engagement Session

Wales is blessed with little locations that are easily accessible and we don't even need to walk very far to get amazing shots. These shorter, 45 minute sessions at accessible locations are great for getting comfortable in-front of camera, capturing your connection at that special time in your relationship with the Welsh coast or countryside as your backdrop.

Adventure Engagement Session

If you're interested in venturing off the beaten path and creating unique images. An adventure session is ideal as it allows more time to get to special locations. Sunrise, sunset, mountain or remote coastline, nothing is off the cards. We apply the same principles as the connection session but with greater flexibility and sense of adventure!

If you're recently engaged, now is the perfect chance to document this unique time in your relationship. Use the photos for your save the dates, wedding website or just admire how good you both look!


I'd love to hear about your engagement and bounce some ideas. Get in touch by clicking below and sending a message.


Of course, if you are looking to bring the epic for the wedding day, I'll always be there for that too..

Thomas Roberts

All images and words by Thomas Roberts Photography. Thomas is a Wedding Photographer based in Carmarthenshire covering west Wales and east Wales.

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