Exploring the Brecon Canal

We spent the first part of this shoot exploring a stretch of the Brecon Canal and I headed over from West Wales to meet Kath and Stu in their home town of Abergavenny. When researching this area a little closer I discovered that the canal actually runs through Llangattock and it was home to a magnificent Giant Sequoia (Redwood). I kept this little surprise in my back pocket and knowing how Kath & Stu were happy with following my lead we walked the short stretch taking in the quaint bridges and features of the canal giving us a good chance to catch up and discuss their wedding plans. Even though I knew the Giant Redwood was was coming, I was't quite prepared for how massive it was. When we came across the unmissable tree, it mate the perfect location for some cool shots. More reminiscent of northern California than south Wales, we captured natural and relaxed images of our little adventure.

Golden Hour

With the sun setting and getting very low on the horizon, I knew there would be some opportunity for beautiful backlit photos. With the flood of light coming through one part of the canal's trees we stopped for a brief moment to get some images before moving on to the next part of the adventure.

Sunset over the Welsh countryside

It had been many years since I'd been to Llangattock but it was just as beautiful as I remembered. We drove from the village of Llangattock, through the winding roads all the way up to the escarpment. The escarpment is part of an old quarry. Nature has taken over and it has been left with an almost prehistoric feel to it. The light was waning but we got there in time to enjoy the sunset. With views of Table Mountain and nobody else to be seen it was a romantic finish to the day.