About the Cawdor

When you drive through Llandeilo, you can't miss the Cawdor in its distinctive red. It has a unique charm and character and It's a venue I've got to know very well as a Wedding Photographer. It's a joy to work at and makes for a wonderful venue regardless of the season. Winter weddings at the Cawdor are just the best. With its own church adjoined to the Hotel with stunning natural light, it works so well in helping the day run smoothly and providing beautiful photographic opportunities which I love capturing in a candid way.

The Cawdor Hotel Wedding Photographer

I've had so much fun over the years as a Cawdor Wedding photographer. From micro weddings to larger parties, it's just a venue I have love coming back to and have got to know the best locations and approaches no matter the conditions or time of year.


Siwdmae, I'm Tom

Telling the story of one of the most important days in people's lives is just something I love doing. The emotion, the party and capturing those little moments that would be otherwise forgotten is just a massive privilege.

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