Amidst all the camera gear and lenses I lug around on your big day, the one quirky little companion I wouldn't dream of leaving behind is my trusty INSTAX printer. When I'm booked for a full wedding day, this allows me to prepare a selection of prints, Polaroid style (usually during your eating period). You might be wondering, "Why on earth does a professional photographer carry an instant printer to a wedding?" Well, let me tell you why this small gadget holds a big place in my heart and why you'll love it too! Here's why...

“Shake it like a Polaroid Picture”

Guests love them

In a world of digital, having something tangible you can pass around to guests is really something nice to have. They'll be a little different to your final gallery simply because they are more or less straight out of the camera and unedited. The impact they can have on guests is fantastic. I don't know if its down to that retro feel of having the polaroids in you hand enhanced by a good level of tipsiness but they always go down incredibly well.

Next Day Momento

When you wake up the next day, there might be the chance that you will be feeling a little bit hazy (speaking from experience here). Having that momento of beautiful photos in the morning is guaranteed (possibly) to ease the pain of the hangover and bring those memories back. Not in a bad way like when your friend posts 100 embarrassing pictures from the night before, these are all selected by myself during and will tell the story of the day so far. I love giving couples something they can take home that evening.

Authenticity at its finest

There's a raw, unfiltered charm to instant prints. They capture genuine emotions and candid smiles. These are the photos chosen instantly to document your day. Polaroids have never been about the polished finished but the unscripted joy and this is what makes your wedding day so special.

Polaroids are cool

Honestly, this is probably why I love them so much. Even when couples are expecting them, it still provides a nice surprise, I just love the reaction I get from them. On a side note I think its also very cool when couples allow guests to print their own out on the day from phone pics taken but getting your photographer to do it takes out the hassle and photographer taken ones tend to come out much better.

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